Cook County Jail Program

  • Masjid Dawah is the only masjid in the chicago area that conducts islamic service in the Cook County Jail in all divisions since late 90’s.
  •  Recently Cook County adminstartion allows us to conduct Juma prayer for two divisions.
  • We thank Hassan El Khatib and Jamil Khursheed for their support for Juma Prayer.
  • Masjid Dawah covers sister division and we have a learned sister who dedicate her time to elp our muslim sisters.
  • We accept donations of English Quraan, basic teaching books..
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  • Masjid dawah bought the building in 2011
  • Masjid dawah installed new electrical, water and sewer lines.
  • need help to install heat system, window and fixtures.
  • This building is to help temporary housing muslims out of jail for a short time to find other permanent places.
  • Teach them basic islam in addition to basic computer, job search .