Classes for New Muslims

Our classes are free and open to both brothers and sisters, offering a welcoming environment for new Muslims. Classes are held every Sunday from 2:00 to 4:00 PM and are open to all ages. To better facilitate the learning process, we have incorporated different levels. Completion of the course will equip students with the skills to study anywhere in the Muslim world.


Each 2-hour session includes:

  • Qur’an reading
  • Memorization of Qur’an, Dua, and rules of Fiqh, Sarf, and Nahw
  • Translating stories from Qassas Al-Nabiyyin
  • Completing exercises in “From the Treasures of Arabic Morphology”
  • Engaging in conversations through the aid of the Madinah Arabic Books (Durus al-Lughat al-‘Arabiyah)
  • Learning and applying the rules of Arabic grammar


Our course is divided into six levels, each designed to bring out the strengths of each student. The curriculum includes:

  • Qur’an reading and the development of proper tajweed with “Qur’an Made Easy”
  • Building basic vocabulary through the aid of “Durus al-Lughat al-‘Arabiyah”

The later levels of Masjid Dawah’s six-level Arabic course heavily utilize course books from well-known schools of higher Islamic learning. These levels focus on:

  • Learning and memorizing the rules of Arabic Morphology (Sarf) and Syntax (Nahw)
  • Exploring the meaning of the Holy Qur’an and the stories from the lives of the prophets, peace and blessings be upon them all
  • Acquiring essential skills such as translation and Arabic reading and writing comprehension

Special Programs

We also offer a special program for sisters, held twice a month on Sundays. This program focuses on various aspects of Islamic learning and community building.

For more information on our programs, including times and dates, please call 773-870-1595.